What are your ideas on the subject?

This field is full of wheat.

German forces attacked British soldiers near Amiens, France.

What's the best way to approach a guy?

Pull the plant up by the roots.

Robinson considers nature a mere object of scientific study to exploit for his own uses and pleasure.

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Get them to show you that.

Dan sent Linda a violin.

He disclosed my secret.

She is persistent though she doesn't look so.

I was impressed by his magic tricks.

I would like to buy.

It'll take about thirty minutes to get to the station by taxi.

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You should probably all get some sleep.

She is very anxious for her son to succeed.

I don't like to see this kind of thing happening.


We only believe in those who believe in themselves.


The plan was kept under wraps until the last minute.

The dog barked softly.

His face betrayed his sheer puzzlement.

Tommy cannot guarantee his behaviour when he drinks.

Where did you buy them?


I now know it's possible.


Theo and I are dependent on each other.

There's a serious split in the party.

It rained yesterday after it had been dry for many months.

I have a score to settle with him.

The reward is dependent on your success.

The camel can go a long time without water and food.

Barry and Jorge don't know that.

Whatever is well conceived is clearly said, the words to say it flow with ease.

You're just sad.

They don't like me.

She is very fond of standing out.

Change the channel!

The Vatican Library is one of the oldest libraries in the world.

You've got to let me get a message to Mohammad.

The police required him to appear.


A saint's maid quotes Latin.

The passengers load their suitcases and luggage into the trunk.

The police assembled several unemployed men.

He's an animal.

I haven't had my breakfast yet.


I prefer to go barefoot in the house.

How far is it to our destination?

My grandmother lives by herself.


There are no other options.

I think Nhan won't be able to catch up with Grace.

When a police officer pulls you over for driving in the fast lane, does he have carte blanche to search your cell phone, too?


This is my hat in the summer.

Tuna's family is missing.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

The squirrel made a nest in the wood pile.

I still respect her.

Her name was Linda, and she was a year younger than Tony.

Our class has more than twenty students.

She visited at her aunt's yesterday.

This place is worth visiting twice.

Don't look for the way, just remove the obstacles.

I'm pretty sure that Duke doesn't know how to speak French.

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This is what my mother gave me when I got married.

His sorrow was written all over his face.

You deserved it.

I have a terrible headache. I just took two painkillers. Let's hope it goes away.

I thought I would die laughing.

Make sure you don't listen too loud with these new earphones!

I'm the one who killed them.

What I want to know are the facts.

School is a challenge already?

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I like to play sports.

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If I knew his address, I would get in touch with him right away.


What will we be doing this time next week?

I don't know what got into Philip.

Carter has been to many places.

Let's move on.

It is impossible for him to become a doctor.

What you get from far is tasty.

This hat is too tight for me.


If you don't mind.


She paid the dressmaker for her dress.

Books such as these are too difficult for him.

Did you know that rotten eggs float?


Tarmi's dog followed him to school.

Don't hang out with them.

I have to get this finished by 2:30.

Clarissa wants to bring mammoths back to life.

The child threw a stone at the cat.

I chose to study stenography.

He has already finished his work.

Mom doesn't like to exercise.

I hate what I've become.

This area was first settled by the Dutch more than two hundred years ago.

She lives in Belfast.

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I take a bath every day.


She is, if anything, a little better today.

I always forget that I already logged in.

Jaime picked up one of the pictures.

He was not from a "numerical" culture; that is, it was not their habit to count everything in life.

They want to hear you sing.


You've been luckier than me.

We know how to get around traffic congestion.

She cared for her sick mother.


Say, Conductor! What's the next town?

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Guy had a dog on a short leash.


The pencils have already been bought.

Vladislav owed Juliet a lot of money.

You don't even know what I'm going to ask you to do yet.

The new airplane flies at twice the speed of sound.

We're stretched a little thin.

Kit didn't say when he was coming.

I think there is more to this.

Johnny never saw him again.

Thao is like Joey in "Shane".

Laura is always reading comics.

It smells like a toilet in here.

They took Avery to the hospital to have his stomach pumped because he ate something poisonous.

She ate one apple.

We support each other.

The water's warm.

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She played the violin.

It's a nice break.

The Greeks built a wooden horse.

I started crying like a baby.

What does this painting represent?


You'd better go.

Poetry is what is lost in translation. It is also what is lost in interpretation.

She managed to back through the narrow passage.

You probably don't even remember me.

I'm sorry you had to do that.

I can't come in today.

We arrived a lot earlier than Amanda.

Take a bath and go to bed.

I can manage, thanks.

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He'll have to do this task again.

Remember to say thank you.

I don't have a conscience, I only have a sensitivity.

The man on the phone told me that if I don't pay the ransom, I'll never see my little Johnny again!

I've just received some good news.

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I have never eaten horse meat.

The station is under repair.

Hollywood guns have unlimited ammo, so of course all the bad guys can afford to be such bad shots.

Ellen can't talk welsh.

Do you want some tea?


I usually go to bed around 11 p.m.

Accidents are inevitable.

Scotch brand is a type of adhesive tape.


Wes is looking forward to seeing you again.

I've told you about them.

He wouldn't lower himself to apologize.

There'll be plenty of time for that later.

Manny has some matters to take care of.

Things seem to be going hot and heavy between Vicky and Rodger.

Stop running!

She showed hardly any interest in the photos.

He makes a living as a salesman.

We heard screaming outside.

We have to have hope.

Please stay close by.

Genius is nothing more than one's rediscovered youth.

In the Aegean, there will be another round of tension.

According to a Cornell University study, unattractive defendants are 22 percent more likely to be convicted than good-looking ones.

She will return home next Sunday, that is, the tenth.

Doubt is entirely absent from his mind.

Izchak managed to convince a lot of people that he had paranormal powers.

Wendi stole the money.

Miriamne buys a newspaper on his way to work.

Are you against recycling?

You said your boss was a nice guy.

Thousands of people there were arrested.

The future progressive tense is used when expressing events and action in progress at some future point, however the example sentence cannot be understood in that way.

He grew up with his parents.